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  February 2012 - Warren Buffett said,

 "Yeah, single-family homes— but if I had a way of buying a couple hundred thousand single-family homes and had a way of managing— the management is enormous— is really the problem because they're one by one.

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Testimonials for Pass MY Real Estate Exam 


May 2012
"Hello Joyce. I'm just calling to let you know that I passed my test today the first time I took it! Maybe I got an easy test, but your finals were harder than the state exam. Thank you for all your videos, study materials and for communicating with me. You really do talk with
people that is so rare in today's world. Thank you for everything."

RF - Florida

April 2012 - Broker Simulation Exam
 "Hi Joyce! I passed the test today and I wanted to let you know that I thought your book and simulation CD were incredible! I honestly wouldn't change anything. Your book was easy to read and highlighted the most important information. The simulations were very much like those presented on the exam and really helped to prepare me. As you know, I was very nervous about my in class review session being cancelled, but I think your materials were even better.
Thanks again for your quick response last week. I think you saved me! :)
BK - Nebraska

Testimonial - May 19,  2012
(Email after enrollment into the Pass My Real Estate Exam Prep Review.)

"First let me say THANK YOU for everything, for the time you spent on the phone
explaining things to me and for sending that info about Florida law.
And, also I MUST tell you that I am incredibly IMPRESSED with the fact
that I could study on my iPad or computer! 

WOW! It makes studying for the real estate exam SO clear!
English is my second language so SEEING the definitions come
to life in front of me was a miracle and super fun!
I had to watch them all TWICE because the first time I was just thinking
"wow' this is awesome! Why didn't I find you before????

I found your site because I had failed my real estate exam by ONE point.
If I had watched your videos that wouldn't have happened!
ONE POINT...and in your videos I saw THAT point over and over!
I WILL get a MUCH better grade because I REALIZED where I was wrong.

Your real estate exam study materials should be "mandatory"
in EVERY SCHOOL in America! We students struggle to understand
so many concepts and you just make it SO PERFECTLY CLEAR.
The Real Estate Math Made Easy was just GREAT!

I wish I had bought your videos before going to the exam!
But now, I am not just looking to get that ONE extra point to pass.
I KNOW I will get a HIGH grade because everything makes sense
and is stored in my brain in order."  DA, Florida
May 22, 2012 - (Email after passing the real estate exam!)


DA, Florida

May 23, 2012

"I passed my Kentucky Real Estate Law section with a score of 100%!
Thank you for the timely feedback on the study material(s) when needed."

AS - Kentucky

Testimonial - March 2011

Dear Joyce:

Thank you so much for your informative lessons online. I used them extensively and just wanted to report that I passed the both state and national exams yesterday in my first try.

Your online classes prepped me very well for my live classes with Long and Foster, because reviewing them before I started the live classes meant that I was worlds ahead of the other students in my knowledge and comprehension of the materials.

In the live class, I was the only member of my class to pass the
mid-term AND the final exam, which qualified me for the
state and national exams.

Thank you so much for a solid education program. I told my whole class about your site, and hope that you got a lot of new customers.

I am off to an exciting career in real estate,
thanks to the help your materials gave.

Thank you,
Sherri LA Rowe (LaReaux)

Hi Joyce,

Just a note to say I am now officially a licensed Real Estate Agent working for Keller Williams. I will continue to work full time at my job and begin to do this part time right now until I convert in two years to full time Real Estate.

I passed both the local and state exam 2 weeks back-to-back and I can honestly say that your Audio and Video Chapters really helped.

I would listen to the Audio Chapters on my iPod everywhere I went
until I had them memorized.

Thank you very much for your quality product.. it was a very small investment with very big returns!

Thanks Joyce!

AB - New York

"The videos give so much information in such a short amount of time that I did not lose interest.
My favorite part was the fact that I could go at my own pace.

I would review a concept if I didn’t understand it the first time.
That's something I could never do in the classroom.
I learned more information from your videos than I did
from my real estate pre-license course!

My learning style is visual and listening, so it worked out perfect for me.
Thanks for developing these materials to help me pass my exam!"

Subject: RE: Ron passed Illinois Broker Exam! THANKS!


Joyce...I'm most appreciative. 

Even more, I'm most impressed with your warmth
and caring approach, both when we spoke on the phone
and especially with your personal note in the video
regarding fair housing and being "post discrimination." 

As a Jew who was active in the civil rights movement
of the 60's and a social worker with 40 years experience
(now embarking in a new career and facing age discrimination),
I wish more people shared your values.

"Joyce, I just want to let you know that I passed the Minnesota Brokers test.

It was directly related to the quality of your materials. The material layout was excellent as was the quality and diction of the narration. The materials were very focused just excellent stuff. The opening pictures were very appropriate in getting one into the right frame of mind for studying and absorbing the presented material. Many thanks."

"Thank You for all the help! It really paid off today
as you are now looking at a new Real Estate Agent!

I PASSED my test today and got a 88%. Wow! I really can't believe it!
I know it was learning from your videos and the studying I did for the last 2 weeks!"

"Joyce, today is a great morning. I finally passed the National part of the real estate exam today. It was due to your assistance and materials that I passed. Once again thank you."

"I am so grateful to you and all that you have helped me with.
Your studying materials and methods are absolutely wonderful.

I am so glad that I applied all that we had talked about and everything
I have learned from you will definitely allow me
to better serve the citizens of Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

Thank you so much for all of your help, your books, your teleconference classes,
your emails, definitely the ability to download the audio and visual files,
our conversations and most importantly your support!"

I passed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Joyce, I passed!!!!!!!!!!  I have had tears for about 15 minutes.
I feel so relieved. You helped me so much! 
The videos and your support was the best of all.

Thank you.  Is there anything I can do for you?
Write a testimonial? 
I will definitely pass your name along. 
Thank you for your encouragement and guidance."

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