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Real Estate Math Made Easy!

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  February 2012 - Warren Buffett said,

 "Yeah, single-family homes— but if I had a way of buying a couple hundred thousand single-family homes and had a way of managing— the management is enormous— is really the problem because they're one by one.

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Real Estate Math Made Easy!


Real Estate Math Made Easy!

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This PDF book is written in conversational style as if I were tutoring you
Explanation of the "T" Method that is used to solve many real estate math questions.
Commission Math - Finance Math - Property Taxes
Appraisal Math - Capital Gains - Settlement Math - Area Math
28 Math Questions
Formulas to show you step-by-step
how to work the questions.
Step-by-step answers
Includes a Free Real Estate Exam Strategy Booklet
"Thank you, Joyce! This book really did make math much easier for me to learn!" 
See Sample - Google Document

$14.99 PDF Book - Immediate Download
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I am not good at math. Will this help me with real estate math?

Yes! Yes! Yes!  I love teaching real estate math! 
So, I wrote Real Estate Math Made Easy as if I were a private tutor talking to you!

There is nothing more frustrating than knowing that math is not your best subject
and the only math book available to help you is 200 pages!    

Real Estate Math Made Easy/font> is a 40 page booklet that covers commission math,
computing property taxes, finance math, appraising math, settlement math and area math.
There are 28 questions with detailed step-by-step answers.

These are the formulas that will more than likely be on your exam
and that you will use in your real estate career!

If you are of average intelligence and you think math is hard, I ask you this question.
Did you ever have a math teach that was excited about math?  Usually the answer is no.
Real Estate Math can be easy...if you know the formulas and follow the rules!

Do you use the "T" method to teach the math formulas?br>
Yes! Fortunately, when I was in school I had math teachers that were excited about math. When I took the pre-license real estate classes I worked the math questions "my way" even though the instructor was using the "T" method. My way worked, so I saw no need to learn something different.

When I decided to teach real estate, the school said you have to teach the "T" method to teach the math.
So, the instructor sat with me and taught me the "T" method to work real estate math questions.

Immediately I saw how easy it really was to teach those who struggle with math!  From that day forward,
I called it "The Magical T!" 

When I have seen former students in the mall or restaurant, I have been introduced as
"The instructor who made math easy with the Magical T!"

I find the "T" method of working real estate math confusing! What do you suggest?
Anytime you learn something new it is confusing!  Think about it. The first time you rode a bike, drove a car, played tennis or learned your multiplication was confusing!
There are three stages to learning.
The first stage is "Concentrated Effort." This stage of learning takes work! Remember, it is called homework...not home play.  Most of us aren't in the one percent of the SAT or ACT scores.

So, that means we study!  We read, we answer questions, we memorize vocabulary words. 
The second stage is "Semi-Automatic." In this stage of learning we have grasped the basic concepts, but we still have to think about it retrieve the information. Do you remember learning your multiplication tables?  How many worksheets did you complete?  Did you use flashcards to study?  How many hours did you spend?  At some point the teacher would ask, "What is 9 x 9?" and you would go...uhhhhh...81.  At that point you were in the semi-automatic stage of learning.  (What are the five covenants of a general warranty deed? uhhhhhh..... )
The third stage is "Totally Automatic." If I woke you up at 3 a.m. and asked "What is 9 x 9?" you would say 81 without even thinking about it!
Instructors need to be in the third stage to teach real estate.
Students only have to be in the second stage of learning to pass the exam.
So, forgive me for this is long answer to your question. Read "Math Made Easy" with an open mind, just as I listened to the instructor when I knew I had to learn something the "T" if I wanted to teach.
The first 5 pages of the book are really simple.  I promise the questions get harder!

Calculator Photo See Sample - Google Document

$14.99 - Immediate Download Real Estate Math Made Easy PDF!
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