Real Estate Broker's Office Policy Template 


Broker Policy Manual

Fill in the Blank Office Policy Template

Updated 2012


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  February 2012 - Warren Buffett said,

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Broker Policy Manual



Real Estate Broker Policy Manual Template Real Estate Broker Office Policy Manual

Updated 2012

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If a complaint or lawsuit is ever filed against a broker, the Brokerage Policy Manual will be important. It is recommended that your policy manual be reviewed and updated annually.

Your Real Estate Office Policy Manual navigates the real estate business so everyone in company knows how,when and by whom the work of the brokerage will be done.


  • Fill-in-the-blank
  • Written Without Legalese
  • Cost Effective
  • Covers Legal Issues
  • Covers Office Management Issues
  • Get Started Today!

A fill-in-the-blanks solution to a problem that could formerly only be solved by hiring an expensive consultant.
This is a sample of how a single topic is presented in the Policy Manual Template:

Example Paragaph 

Company-Generated Business
"On occasion business will be offered to company officers who are not actively involved is sales production. (Insert Company Name) reserves the right to assign such business to sales associates based upon appropriateness for the business and client, service to the company and/or any other criteria (Insert Broker’s Name) chooses. (Insert Company Name) will be paid a referral fee of (insert amount or percentage) of the commission earned by the selected sales associate."
Topics Included:

Welcome - Company Officers - Company Staff - Mission Statement- Company Goals

Independent Contractor Status - Compensatuin and Worker-Paid Fees - Teams

Anti Discrimination and Related Policies

State Laws Regarding Contracts and Disclosures - Federal Fair Housing Laws

Office Opening and Closing Procedures - Sign Policies - Proof of Required Insurance

Accurate Listing Information - Power of Attorney - Net Proceeds Calculation

Estimated Closing Cost Calculation - Lock Boxes - Buyer Qualification

Company Paid Benefits - Unemployment Insurance - Vacations and Holiday Leave

Family Medical Leave  - Advertising - Safety - Termination

Testimonial - January 2012

"Being a new broker, this policy manual was just what I needed! Thanks for saving me hours of research! After reviewing it with my attorney we made a few more editions that was specific to my state, but I know it saved me hundreds of dollars in attorney fees had he written one for me. Thank you!"

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