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Congratulations on your decision to secure your real estate license!  Real estate provides the opportunity to be in business for yourself and create the success you desire. It requires a commitment, education and hard work. 

I've taught real estate classes since 1986 and since that time I've helped thousands of people pass their real estate test. There are many factors involved in passing the exam. These three are the most important.

Number 1 - Know your vocabulary words.
Number 2 - Read the test question three times before answering the question.
Number 3 - Stay relaxed during the exam.

Real estate exam testing services have a database of real estate test questions. Understanding the question formats is essential to passing the exam. That's why the Real Estate Exam Strategy (PDF) booklet is included with your review materials. 

These real estate questions and my finals are designed to be hard. As your real estate exam coach, my goal is to have you learn from hard test questions.

Write down vocabulary words in these questions that you do not know and learn them before you state final. These real estate exam questions are different than the 650 questions in the Pass MY Real Estate Exam Review package. 

In closing I will ask you to respect the real estate test. Think about this. Would you want to go to a doctor who learned enough to pass the test and then expected to really learn what he needed to you in the "real world?"  Of course not!

So, do not listen to those who say, "Just learn what you need to know to pass the test and then I'll teach you what you need to know in the real world."

Respect the real estate exam!  Learn everything you can about real estate!

If real estate is your career and the means by which you are to create the live you desire, then educate yourself! Start  now by preparing in every way you can to pass the sales associate license. Real Estate Principles and Practice, and your state laws, are the foundation of your success!     

So, get your calculator, paper and pencil, and answer these FREE Real Estate Exam questions. If you decide you want additional review materials, you are only a mouse click away from the most complete review materials available anywhere!
Continued success!


These test questions may be used by students preparing for the real estate exam.
They may not be reproduced and used by schools or competitors.

This is a sample real estate exam to show you how the system works and the quality of the test questions and explanations. There are over 650 Real Estate Exam Test Questions included in the
Pass MY Real Estate Exam Prep Videos and Study Materials.

1.  All of the following are included in the bundle of legal rights EXCEPT

     A.  right of control of the property.
     B.  right of enjoyment.
     C.  right of exclusion.
     D.  right of survivorship.
2. Emblements are

    A.  real property/fructus industriales.
    B.  real property/fructus naturales.
    C.  personal property/fructus industriales.
    D.  personal property/fructus naturales.
3.  Nonhomogeneity describes a/an

    A.  physical characteristic of real estate and refers to uniqueness of the property.  
    B.  physical characteristic of real estate and refers to the indestructibility of the property.
    C.  economic characteristic of real estate and refers to the scarcity of land in a given area.
    D.  economic characteristic of real estate and refers to the permanence of the investment.
4.  A transaction broker is NOT known as a/an

     A.  nonagent.
     B.  facilitator.
     C.  intermediary.
     D.  fiduciary.
5.  A real estate licensee who has listed a property is a/an  

     A.  general agent of the broker and a special agent to the seller.
     B.  general agent of the broker and a general agent to the seller.
     C.  universal agent of the broker and a special agent  to the seller.
     D.  universal agent of the broker and a general agent to the seller.
6.  The total commission paid a brokerage firm was $33,500. 
     The firm was paid 7% on the first $200,000, 6% on the next
     $200,000 and 5% on the remainder.  What was the sales price
     of the property?

     B. $550,000
     C. $650,000
     D. $750,000
7.  Agent Carrie received $937.50 as commission for a referral fee.
     The listing agent paid 25% of her commission for the referral.
     The total commission paid was 6%, which was split equally
     between the listing and selling brokerage firms. If the listing
     agent was paid 50% of her firm’s commission.  What was the
     sale price of the property?

     A. $150,000
     B. $250,000
     C. $300,000
     D. $350,000
8.  Negligent misrepresentation occurs when

    A. there is intentional misrepresentation of a material fact by a
        broker in order to take financial advantage of another. 
    B. the agent showing the property exaggerates the property's benefits.
    C. a broker should have known that a statement about a materia fact was false.  
    D. the broker or agent tells the seller to intentional lie about a
        property defect so they can get a quick sale. 
9.  Buyers met an agent at an open house. In order to buy the
     listed property, the buyers needed to sell their house. The agent
     wrote an offer to purchase  with the following terms.
     "Purchasers shall list purchasers property at 567 Main Street,
     Your Town, Your State with XYZ Realty within 24 hours of the
     acceptance of this offer, or this offer shall become null and
     void and the earnest money shall be refunded to the   
     purchaser." Is this legal?

     A. Yes, this is exactly what the agent should do to secure the
     B. Yes, if state law allows it.
     C. No, it is a violation of Regulation Z.
     D. No, it is a violation of the Sherman Antitrust Act. 
10.  In most states which of the following situations would MOST
       LIKELY be grounds for suspension or revocation of a real
       estate license?

      A.  Failure to specify a definite termination date in a listing
      B.  Failure to find a buyer for a listed property
      C.  Failure to determine the correct list price in a comparative
            market analysis
      D.  Failure to include a broker protection clause in a listing
11.  A person died testate. After an extensive search, no additional   
       heirs were found. The person's real property would transfer by

      A.  escheat to the state.
      B.  by descent and distribution. 
      C.  by demise.
      D.  by devise.  
12.  Which of the following would be future interests in a fee 
       simple defeasible estate?

       A. Remainder/ Reversion
       B. Reconveyance/ Redemption
       C. Possibility of Reverter/ Right of Re-Entry
       D. Dower/Curtesy   
13.  Agnes, Zelma and Jayne are sisters and own a property as
      joint tenants. Jayne sold her share to Maggie. Upon closing,
      Maggie is a

      A. joint tenant with Agnes and Zelma.
      B. tenant in common with Agnes and Zelma.
      C. tenant by the entirety with Agnes and Zelma.
      D. tenant at will with Agnes and Zelma.  
14.  If state law permits, the unities of time, title, interest,
       possession and person would be created when     
       A. John, Peggy and George buy a cottage on the lake.
       B.  Mr. and Mrs. Jones buy real estate.
       C.  a corporation purchases investment property.
       D.  Carrie buys her first house.  
15.  When Branham brought his property he had a 20% down
       payment and secured a 30 year loan at 7% interest. 
       If his first month’s interest was $787.50, how much did he
       pay for the property?

       A. $135,000
       B. $140,625
       C. $168,750
       D. $158,250
16.  The S1/2 of the NE1/4 and the NW1/4 of the SE1/4 would

       A.  2,344,560 square feet.
       B.  3,484,800 square feet.
       C.  4,395,340 square feet.
       D.  5,277,200 square feet.
17. In 1969 Carmel purchased a condo for $15,000. Today she
     sold the property for $85,000 and agreed to finance the loan
     for the buyer. This transaction is known as a/an

      A. conventional loan.
      B. unconventional loan.
      C. land contract.
      D. blanket mortgage.  
18.  A lot that measures 475' x 525' sold for $275,000.  What was
      the cost per front foot?

       A.  $523.80
       B.  $578.95
       C.  $592.35
       D.  $597.98
19.  A lot that measures 475' x 525' sold for $275,000.  What was
      the cost per acre?

       A. $48,036 
       B. $48,238
       C. $48,568
       D. $48,976
20.  The market value of a property is $140,000. The owners pay
       $144.375 in monthly property taxes, or $2.75 per $100. What
       is the assessment rate?

       A.  45 mills
       B.   4.5%
       C.   45%
       D.  .45%
21. Two brothers owned a property and decided to list it with Agent
      Tejasi.  Thirty minutes before the listing appointment, one of
      the brothers was called out of town on an emergency. So, a
      friend signed the listing contract for him. Tejasi had no idea
      that the person signing was not the owner. The status of the
      contract is

      A. void.
      B. valid.  
      C. unenforceable.
      D. voidable.
22. A habendum clause would be found in a/an

      A. mortgage.
      B.  note.
      C.  deed.
      D.  sales contract.  
23.  The borrowers negotiated a $125,000 for 20 years at
      7% interest. Their monthly principal and interest payment is
       $969.12. How much interest will the buyers pay of the life
       of the loan?

       A.  $107,588.80
       B.  $232,588.80
       C.  $175,000.80
       D.  $107,885.80
24. An agent received a thank you note from a lender for the
     referral of a buyer. The note included a $35 gift card to a
     local restaurant. The law that makes this kickback illegal is

     A.  Regulation Z
     B.  RESPA
     C.  CRA
     D.  ECOA   
25.  When you pass your exam you will MOST LIKELY

       A. celebrate!
       B.  send Joyce an email to share in the celebration.
       C.  call your broker!
       D.  All of the above.  

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 Keep studying and let me know when you pass!

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